Saturday, June 26, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Why I Snacked This Weekend

#5.  The Cheetos that I NEVEREVER buy, somehow ended up in my shopping cart and then my pantry, calling my name for the last two days.

#4.  My boys spent the night with my sister, leaving me and DH to our own devices.  DH is a late-night snacker and apparently I still am too.  *sigh*

#3.  We went to a movie and, while I didn't get anything but a bottle of water, DH got a package of Sour Straws and I *may* have had one (or three)

#2.  We packed a picnic lunch for the baseball game today and I threw in three chocolate-chip granola bars.  I only have two children.  Why did I do that?!

And the #1 reason why I snacked this weekend.... I'm a stress-eater and my husband decided to scare the hell out of me at the baseball game today by getting heat exhaustion and promptly passing out at the top of the bleachers, leading to a visit from the paramedics and 20 minutes in the ambulance.  Good times...

But tomorrow is a brand-new day and I'm going to stick to the plan! *thumbsup*


  1. You had me at Cheetos. :-) Thumbsup for tomorrow.

  2. I hope your hubby is okay! How scary is that?