Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Apple a Day...

I'm headed to my first post-op appointment here in about 90 minutes.  Tomorrow marks three weeks since my surgery and I'm anxious to see what the doc  thinks of my progress.  I'm down almost 20 lbs. (hopefully 20 but I haven't weighed myself this morning yet) and my incisions are doing amazing.  I'm hoping I get at least *some* exercise clearance because I'm just dying to get moving!  I know once I can start getting active, the weight will come off quicker and easier.

BUT... I do have one problem I need to talk to him about.  My lungs.  Back in January I had a really nasty case of bronchitis that started to turn into pneumonia.  I was one sick girl for a full week.  Ever since then, except for a couple weeks before and after my surgery, my lungs were a mess.  I've never wheezed a day in my life until this all happened.  Now I wheeze constantly.  I can't catch my breath if I do something as simple as climb a flight of stairs.  My lungs burn and sting and ache all the time and I cough until I gag.  And about five days ago I started having a productive cough.  Yeah, no bueno.  So hopefully I'll get some answers about this lung issue and get on with my life already!!

Wish me luck!!


  1. Hope you feel better! I had a horrible cough that began about 7-10 days post-op and lasted a good three weeks. I didn't go to the doctor for it, but I probably should have.

  2. My lungs were very weak post-op too. So if you already had issues I imagine that makes it even worse. Did your surgeon give you one of those breath exercise machines doohickies? Where in inhale and have to get the little marker up above a certain line? Mine did and said it was vitally important that I do it every hour. Maybe your doctor will give you something like that to work on to get them back in shape. It definitely worked for me!

  3. Is your surgeon down in Denver? And if you don't mind saying...who'd you pick?!?

    Hate to hear about your lung issues - hopefully the doc can do something to help you out. Good luck with your post op visit. 20 pounds in 3 weeks is amazing!!

  4. Tracy, my doc is up here in Ft. Collins. Dr. Quaid and Northern Colorado Surgical Associates. He's fab (and quite yummy-looking haha). Your doc is in Denver, right?

  5. Yeah I go to Doctor Tillquist at Swedish Hospital here in Denver.