Thursday, October 21, 2010


At the very beginning of my journey I was so good about tracking everything that went into my mouth.  Everytime I ate or drank I would enter it into my MyFitnessPal food tracker.  It was such a good tool to see exactly how many calories, how much water, and (most importantly) how much protein I was taking in.

As the months have progressed, I admit I've stopped tracking my food and fluid intake.  At first it wasn't a big deal, but slowly I've gotten lazy about what I'm eating and drinking.  I know for a fact that I'm not getting enough protein.  And I only get my daily 80 ounces of water a few times a week. 

I'm kidding myself if I think that this isn't going to affect my weight loss and overall health.  Its obviously from the amount of hair I'm losing that my protein needs to become my number one priority with water intake coming in at a close second (I get migraines triggered by dehydration so I should know better).

So starting this morning I'm tracking everything that goes into my mouth.  I'm committing to getting at LEAST 65 grams of protein a day, with my main goal being 75 grams.  I will be better about drinking at least 80 oz. of water a day.  And I want to stick with it through the end of the year. 

I know if I can do this I can be even more successful than I have been thusfar.  Its so easy to fall into those old "fat Jenny" habits.  A little handful of caramel corn here, half a can of root beer there...

But no more.  I'm re-committing to this whole experience.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  To take a line from AA... "It works if you work it!!".

Monday, October 18, 2010

About Damn Time!!

After two weeks of fighting the scale and gaining and losing the same few pounds, the scale finally went my way.  I am officially down 50 lbs!!  245.6 to be precise and it feels so good!  When I hit 237.7, I will have lost a total of 20% of my starting body weight.  Crazy, huh?  For now, I'm going to revel in my first major milestone... 50 lbs. baby!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

New 'Do...

I got a sassy new 'do to go with my sassy new attitude.

Haha, no seriously.  I've been growing out my hair and it needed a trim.  I decided to get a nice dark fall dye job while I was there and I'm thrilled with the results!

Yay for new hair!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fill Details and a *huge* NSV

I got my fill this morning.  Easy-squeezy.  She put in .5cc which bring me up to a full 6ccs in my 10cc band.  It was my third fill.  I can already tell I have more restriction, so hopefully this one will get me back on track restriction-wise.

After my fill I took some clothes to a local consignment shop to see what they'd give me for them.  I've outgrown ALL my clothes but I have very little money to buy new ones.  So when they gave me $26 for some work clothes, I happily set out to find myself some new duds.

When I started out this journey back in June, I was wearing a size 24 in pants and a 22/24 in tops.  I've been wearing those same clothes up until today.  I knew they were big (the pants were falling off me) but I figured I only needed one size smaller.  

Today, in the dressing room at the Clothes Mentor, I was shocked to find that I am not wearing a size 24 or even a 22.  I'm not even wearing a 20!  I'M WEARING A FREAKING 18!!!!  I haven't worn a size 18 jeans since my oldest son was born almost nine years ago!!  I was so shocked, I had to keep checking the tag to make sure it was, in fact, and 18.  I got a pair of adorable casual jeans, a pair of denim dress trousers, and a gorgeous pair of charcoal dress slacks.
Then it was time for tops.  I was so excited about my size 18 jeans, that I got brave and grabbed an armful of XL tops from the rack.  I thought, "Well, I'll try them and if they don't fit, I'll just go up a size".  I didn't plan on them fitting BUT THEY DID!!  Holy crap I'm wearing an XL in tops!  How is that possible!??!  I got four casual fall/winter tops, a layer tank, and a gorgeous red dress blouse to go with my charcoal pants.  I almost cried when I left the store.  I've never had so much FUN shopping before!  I was giddy every time I put something on that fit and looked GOOD!

The photos are crap, but here are two outfits I got.  I wore the jeans and green striped top out of the store because the clothes I wore in were so ridiculously big.  *insert happy dance here*

Need a fill AND a new low!

I'm going for a fill today.  I've lost virtually ALL of my restriction since my post a week or so ago about how tight I was.  I *think* it must have been my TOM (I don't get periods due to my IUD, so I'm never 100% sure).

Regardless, I've lost all restriction and am in need of a fill.  I'm hoping I get something a bit on the liberal side (at least .5 cc) but I guess its all up to my fill nurse, Becky.

On the plus side, I weighed this morning and have finally FINALLY gotten below 250 lbs!!!  I'll probably bounce up a little bit in the next few days, but for today I'm reveling in the glory that is 249.8!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Holy smokes, girls!  The unthinkable has happened!  Yesterday, while doing my interval workout on the treadmill, I... wait for it....  RAN! 

There I was, doing my one-minute work set when I realized that I was needing to pump up the speed in order to get to my PER (perceived exertion rating).  It was too fast to walk, so I started to jog!  It was only for a minute and my heart rate skyrocketed to 160 (just above cario HR), but I did it!!  After my minute was up, I did my 3-minute rest set, and then went back to jogging for TWO minutes!!  I thought I was gonna die, but I did it again!  It was kinda surreal.  I'm sure I looking completely goofy jogging on the treadmill, but I don't care!  There is NO WAY I could have done that for even 10 seconds four months ago! 

My next workout is Thursday afternoon and I am going to try to jog all my work sets.  WOOT!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Weirdos I Encounter at the Gym

I only went to the gym one day last week.  I'm going today after work and I realized someting kinda funny.  I'm actually looking forward to seeing some of the people that I workout "with" at my gym!  Now, don't go thinking that I'm bff with these people.  I've never spoken to any of them and made eye contact with fewer than three of them.  But they've sorta grown on me over the last couple of months and I've come to think of them much like a group of extended family.  You know the ones.  The weirdos that you don't want to admit you're related to?  Yeah, those people.

The Glamour Girl
She seems sweet enough.  She smiled at me once when we both got to the paper-towel-spray-cleaner station at the same time.  At least, I *think* it was a smile.  It was kinda hard to tell beneath the layers of foundation, mascara, shimmery eye shadow, and lipstick.  For all I know, she said hello to me.  But I'd never be able to hear it over the clang of her wrist bangles and chandelier earrings.  It was all I could do to not reach out and touch her hair to see if it was as shelacked as it appeared to be.  I think she spray tans pre-workout.  I'm just sayin'...

The Old Man
This dude  He's no less than 85 years old and just as precious as they come.  He comes in every day wearing a "#1 Grandpa" t-shirt, a Semper Fi hat, and sports socks pulled up to just below his knees.  He hops on the same treadmill everyday, sets the speed to "tortise" and proceeds to walk at the speed of smell while watching Glen Beck on the nearest television.  When he's done, he turns off the treadmill, gets a drink from the fountain, and walks out to his car.  No nonsense.  HOO-RAH!

The Show-Off
There are a few of these guys that I see during my time at the gym.  But my favorite is this gruff-looking motorcycle dude with HUGE muscles.  I swear this man's arms are the side of my head.  He's covered from neck-to-ankles in tattoos including a mostly-naked pinup girl on his forearm who appears to be riding a falic-shaped missle.  The guy spends his time at the gym lifiting as many weights as possible.  And he makes all kinds of creepy grunting sounds while he's doing it that makes everyone either turn red with embarassment or giggle to themselves like 10-year-old boys.  I was pretty intimidated by him the first few times I saw him, but he's actually quite nice and even showed me how to properly use a weight machine one time.  I saw him out this weekend with his two young daughters and the sight of him walking hand-in-hand with two girly girls in dresses and hairbows took all the "scare" right outta him.  Now I just picture him having tea with his girls wearing pearls and a church-lady hat. 

The Clueless One
Bless this lady's heart.  She's so clueless.  The first time I saw her at the gym, she wore a pair of denim shorts (can you say CHAIFING!?) and canvas Keds.  No water bottle, no sports bra, and no clue.  She gets on the treadmill, sets the incline to the highest point (aka Mt.FreakingEverest) and walks at a brisk pace holding onto the heart rate monitor bar for dear life to keep from falling off the treadmill.  She walks leaning so far back, I have the incredible urge to yell "TIMBER" everytime she gets going.  I cannot imagine what kind of a work out she gets doing this, but she seems happy enough when her 20 minutes are up.  She tried the eliptical once but ended up falling off of it (yes, falling off of it) and scaring the crap out of The Old Man.  She pretty much sticks with Mt. Everest now.

So there they are.  My very own Fitness Club Family.  They're weird and eccentric, but they're mine.  Just call us the 3 o'clock Misfits.  The Glamour Girl, The Old Man, The Show-Off, The Clueless One, and The Hungry Girl.  Yep, just one big weirdo family.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's been a blah week.  I only got to go to the gym once... on Monday.  Things were insane at work at home, I had several meetings and appointments to dash about to, and then my oldest son got sick and was home for two days.

I didn't exercise, I ate like crap (can you say mini-brownies in the teacher's lounge?) and just plain old-fashioned fell off the bandster wagon.  My scale, as predicted, is up 2.2 pounds after my week of laziness and gluttony. 

But tomorrow is the start of a brand new week and I am going to get to the gym at LEAST three times this week (preferably four), I will eat my protein and drink my water, and I will NOT indulge in that crap that I *think* I want but actually feel nasty after eating it.