Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fill Details and a *huge* NSV

I got my fill this morning.  Easy-squeezy.  She put in .5cc which bring me up to a full 6ccs in my 10cc band.  It was my third fill.  I can already tell I have more restriction, so hopefully this one will get me back on track restriction-wise.

After my fill I took some clothes to a local consignment shop to see what they'd give me for them.  I've outgrown ALL my clothes but I have very little money to buy new ones.  So when they gave me $26 for some work clothes, I happily set out to find myself some new duds.

When I started out this journey back in June, I was wearing a size 24 in pants and a 22/24 in tops.  I've been wearing those same clothes up until today.  I knew they were big (the pants were falling off me) but I figured I only needed one size smaller.  

Today, in the dressing room at the Clothes Mentor, I was shocked to find that I am not wearing a size 24 or even a 22.  I'm not even wearing a 20!  I'M WEARING A FREAKING 18!!!!  I haven't worn a size 18 jeans since my oldest son was born almost nine years ago!!  I was so shocked, I had to keep checking the tag to make sure it was, in fact, and 18.  I got a pair of adorable casual jeans, a pair of denim dress trousers, and a gorgeous pair of charcoal dress slacks.
Then it was time for tops.  I was so excited about my size 18 jeans, that I got brave and grabbed an armful of XL tops from the rack.  I thought, "Well, I'll try them and if they don't fit, I'll just go up a size".  I didn't plan on them fitting BUT THEY DID!!  Holy crap I'm wearing an XL in tops!  How is that possible!??!  I got four casual fall/winter tops, a layer tank, and a gorgeous red dress blouse to go with my charcoal pants.  I almost cried when I left the store.  I've never had so much FUN shopping before!  I was giddy every time I put something on that fit and looked GOOD!

The photos are crap, but here are two outfits I got.  I wore the jeans and green striped top out of the store because the clothes I wore in were so ridiculously big.  *insert happy dance here*


  1. You look great!!! Isn't it so worth all your hard work?

    *I'm doing the happy dance with you*

  2. Wow! What a great feeling. I love resale shops and finding you fit into things you didn't possibly think would fit!! Congrats!

    Btw, this is AtoZ from words of weight. :) I'm in another account and can't seem to switch.

  3. You are adorable!

    I can't believe you skipped from a size 24 to an 18! That's CRAZY! You look great.

  4. You look fantastic!!! Way to go!

  5. Congrats on the new outfits! What a great NSV.

  6. Yay for baggy old stuff and pretty, new fitted clothes. Enjoy your new outfits! :D

  7. That's awesome! And you look amazing!!!

  8. I know how incredible that feels! Congrats!