Thursday, October 21, 2010


At the very beginning of my journey I was so good about tracking everything that went into my mouth.  Everytime I ate or drank I would enter it into my MyFitnessPal food tracker.  It was such a good tool to see exactly how many calories, how much water, and (most importantly) how much protein I was taking in.

As the months have progressed, I admit I've stopped tracking my food and fluid intake.  At first it wasn't a big deal, but slowly I've gotten lazy about what I'm eating and drinking.  I know for a fact that I'm not getting enough protein.  And I only get my daily 80 ounces of water a few times a week. 

I'm kidding myself if I think that this isn't going to affect my weight loss and overall health.  Its obviously from the amount of hair I'm losing that my protein needs to become my number one priority with water intake coming in at a close second (I get migraines triggered by dehydration so I should know better).

So starting this morning I'm tracking everything that goes into my mouth.  I'm committing to getting at LEAST 65 grams of protein a day, with my main goal being 75 grams.  I will be better about drinking at least 80 oz. of water a day.  And I want to stick with it through the end of the year. 

I know if I can do this I can be even more successful than I have been thusfar.  Its so easy to fall into those old "fat Jenny" habits.  A little handful of caramel corn here, half a can of root beer there...

But no more.  I'm re-committing to this whole experience.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  To take a line from AA... "It works if you work it!!".


  1. I'm in the same boat... I do really well when I track. I'm always honest when I track because it's pointless not to be, but if I don't track, I lose track. I actually just started using My Fitness Pal this week. I will make that committment right along with you!

  2. Good for you!!! Sometimes the only thing that works is getting back to basics. If you know what works for you, definitely do it!!!