Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OMG... YUM!!

I discovered a DELICIOUS meal today, ladies (and gents, if you're out there).  It may come as no surprise to some of you veteran bandsters, but it was a moment of epiphany for this newbie.

Take one medium avocado (approx. 3 oz. w/o skin and pit) and cut it in half.  Place on foil on baking sheet and drizzle both halves with lemon juice (maybe 1/8 tsp total).  Top with 1/3 cup (total) part skim mozzarella cheese and broil in oven until cheese is melted.  Eat and enjoy!

Its very filling, has 230 calories, 10g of protein, and plenty of "good fat" from the avocado.

My tummy is very happy right now.  Mmmm...


  1. That sounds like heaven!

    *wants avocado*

  2. Sounds wonderful! I'm always looking for sources of food inspiration. Did you come up with this yourself?

  3. Sorta... I saw a recipe for avocado, tomato, and baby mozzarella on a triscuit cracker and broiled for a few minutes. It looked like a yummy appetizer, but I don't like Triscuits and I don't have baby mozzarella. So I just thought that broiled avocado w/ some lemon juice and shredded mozzarella sounded yummy! Voila!

  4. I often cut up half an avocado, drizzle it with lime juice and eat it when I'm on mushies. Even when I'm not mushifying, it really is one of my favourite things!

  5. I love avocado! That sounds delicious! Just watch the calories. 230 for a "snack" seems high to me. Cut that number in half and it sounds perfect!

  6. I've been having it for lunch, not a snack. Its much too high in calories/fat to be just a snack. But because of the protein, its quite filling.