Saturday, June 5, 2010


My birthday is the same day as my surgery (Wednesday, June 9th), so my family is having my birthday dinner tonight. We usually just do a "bring your own appetizer" thing for birthdays so there will be lots of yummy food there.

Me? I'll be sipping on my oh-so-delicious (note the sarcasm) protein shake.

At my own birthday party.


Its gonna be hard to not give in to the temptation, but I can do it. I'm already down SIX POUNDS in four days, so I know I'm on the right track. My mom offered to not have any food at the party at all, but thats just mean to everyone else. lol I did, however, request that she not make my favorite birthday dessert. I might be strong now, but one whiff of those amazing blondies that only my mom can make "just right" and I'm right back into Fat Girl Mode.

Wish me luck! It's Party Time!!


  1. Happy early birthday (my mom's is on the 8th) and way to go on the 6 lb loss in 4 days! You are doing awesome and you will come through surgery with FLYING colors. Keep us updated!

  2. Jenny, I am soo with you! My birthday was yesterday and I spent it on the lovely pre-op diet too. I am getting surgery the same day as you!

  3. Linda sent me....have a happy birthday and best of luck with the surgery

  4. 6 pounds in four days is awesome!! I was just reading your bucket list. It's amazing how all of these things will happen for you. I had my surgery on August 7th and am down 102 pounds. This band is an amazing thing and you have made such a great decision to join the club! If you'd like to read about my adventures, you can find them here:

    Keep up the amazing work!! Also, if you have any questions, post them. We've all been there!

  5. First of all: Happy New Blog-warming!!

    Secondly: While it's going to be tough to go through your birthday sipping on a protein shake, consider this: The weight loss is going to be the best present you've ever gotten yourself for your birthday. Embrace that.

    Thirdly: I have a new blog too! Would you visit? (I'm also a gastric bander...a year and a half since surgery.)

  6. I am getting banded on June 9th (tomorrow) as well and excited to find a blog of someone doing the same. I am glad to see this pre-op diet come to and end although I've lost over 20lbs on it