Thursday, July 29, 2010

Talk to me about Zumba...

I hear SO MANY of you talking about your obsession with Zumba.  And I'm curious... What is it about Zumba that you love so much?  I *want* to love Zumba (I have yet to try it, btw) but I have to admit that the class description just doesn't sound like my cuppa tea.  I hate dancing.  I have no rhythm and I'm obviously a fat-ass, so I just look ridiculous.

So sell me on Zumba.  Tell me what you thought of it before you tried it versus after you tried it.  Tell me what you DO in Zumba and whether you liked it right away or if it took a while.

I wanna be ZUMBA-fied!!


  1. I was terrified of Zumba. For months I would walk past the class at the 24 hour fitness and feel bad that I wasn't confident enough to just go in the door.

    Then I found a studio here in Castle Rock that offers the class in a much less stressful (read: filled with size 2 beautiful blondes) situation.

    So I went. And here's what I love about it. I can shake my ass, wiggle my hips, and jump around like a crazy person for an hour and when its over I cannot believe that the hour is up. It does take some getting used to. The instructors don't normally walk you through every single step you just kind of figure it out as you go, but it's addicting...and the more you go the better you get.

  2. I had never heard of Zumba before I tried it late 2008. My suite mate here at work talked me in to going and wouldn't let me back out (believe me I tried). I looked on line to research it before I left work and was terrifed as TracyZ put it.

    It was held at this church not to far from my house. I walked in a little late and they were getting ready to start prayer. This little tiny lady got on the stage and started some latin music. Jenny when you couldn't have less rhythm than me. I can't dance a lick. I was going left when everyone else was going right, but I caught on. The good thing about Zumba is that nobody is paying attention to you being rhythmless. There are so many people and they are so busy trying to keep up with the instructor that they don't have time to watch you. I left there sweating like a late freight. My co-worker forgot to tell me to bring a towel. I was soaking wet by the time I walked out of that church gym. It was fun and exhausting. You will burn calories in zumba.

    There were fit people, fat people, old people, young people....people of all sizes, ages, shapes and colors were there and we had fun.

  3. Hi Jenny, I haven't braved Zumba yet, but I nominated you for a Versitile Blogger award. Check out my blog to see it-

  4. Jenny, we would be great friends. I too want to know more about Zumba. Inspire us people! Heck, inspire me to exercise. I loathe exercise, which is probably why I weigh over 200lbs.

  5. I love Zumba. One of the best things is I don't stick out in class. There is such a mix of people in it no one seems to notice or care. There are skinny, fat, old, and young in my classes. The time flies because you're having fun since they use good music. I've never been disappointed.

  6. let's go!!! they offer it on the weekends at the windsor rec center for like $3 a class!!!!

  7. ^^^
    thats my bff Lizzy for all you out there wondering. :)