Monday, July 5, 2010


We had a wonderful holiday weekend here in Colorado.  We spent yesterday afternoon at my parent's house bbq-ing and watching the kids swim in the pool.  My mom, who has been an amazing supporter of my lapband journey, went out of her way to make me some delicious tilapia for dinner while everyone else dined on t-bone steaks.  YUM!  I am NOT a fish person, but the tilapia was delish! 

About 6pm the rain rolled in and we spent the rest of the night in their house playing games and watching baseball.  Even the local fireworks show was cancelled.  C'est la vie, right?

In Lap-Band news... I'm down another pound or two this week, which really surprises me.  I've lost almost ALL of my restriction and can eat anything I want including white breads and raw fruit/veggies.  But I'm really watching my portions and drinking TONS of water, so I think that helps.

I've decided to call my doc this week and see if I can get in for my first fill before he leaves for vacation.  The idea of waiting nine weeks post-op for a fill is starting to freak me out.  If I can just get it two weeks earlier before he leaves, I think it would make a huge difference.  I'm not trying to fool myself... I got this surgery for a reason.  If I could lose weight on my own willpower, I wouldn't have gone through all of this, kwim?  I need restriction!

Well, I gotta go.  The sun is back out in full-force and I promised the boys I'd take them swimming at my sister's pool.

Until next time....


  1. The more you swim, the more you lose :) Have fun!

  2. Hopefully you get your fill. 9 weeks is kind of crazy to wait for a fill. Good luck.

  3. I miss my restriction too! I cannot get until June 29th. I can on July 21st but they are booked that week. I am also watching my portions but some days are definitely better than others. I have not gained...but keep losing and gaining the same 3 pounds. Good Luck getting an earlier fill!