Monday, July 19, 2010

Now that THAT'S out of my system...

Confession Time:   I was a very VERY bad bandster last night.  **hanging head in shame**

I've mentioned before that my biggest "fat girl" issue is nighttime eating.  For the most part, since my surgery almost seven weeks ago, I have been doing a fantastic job of curtailing my nighttime eating urges.  But last night... notsomuch.

For some reason I got a hankering for kraft mac&cheese around 10:30pm.  The boxed kind with powdered cheese?  Yeah, that stuff.  Its sooooooo good, but soooooo unhealthy.  I tried to ignore Fat Jenny whispering in my ear, "go ahead.  you know you wanna do it.  all the cool kids are eating it".  But about15 minutes later I gave in and made the damn mac.  The whole time I was preparing it I was cringing, knowing that this was a mistake.  But something in me just made me keep going.  It was kinda scary!  I told myself that I'd just eat half of what I made but we all know that didn't happen.  I ate it all.  FAST. 

And you know what?  I didn't enjoy it like I used to.  Sure, the first few bites tasted oh-so-yummy.  But after I was done with the bowl I realized I didn't feel so good.  I felt stuffed and over-full and just nasty.  And the deliciousness of those first few bites were totally overshadowed by how I felt after I was done.

So, now I know... that kind of food just simply isn't worth it anymore to me.  Sure it might taste good for a couple of bites, but after that I know I just won't be able to enjoy it anymore.

And that epiphany is kind of freeing!  Next time Fat Jenny whispers in my ear that I'm really missing out on something that I use to binge on late at night, I can tell her to go take a hike.  Because I'll remember how I felt last night around 11:15.

And it just wasn't worth it.


  1. This is definately a learning process. Be sure to remember how you felt after eating it. Also I suspect you probably want to eat at night because you are tired. Our energy levels naturally wane and our bodies crave carbs to bring our energy back up. Next time you may want to just go to bed.

    Also I don't believe in making any foods off limits. I would plan to have a single serving portion of the mac & cheese every couple of weeks or so. Make it, measure it out and ENJOY it. Then when you crave it you can tell yourself that you will be having it on Tuesday for lunch or whatever.

  2. You know how to fix random Mac & Cheese cravings? Leave a box in the back of your cabinet waaaaaaaaay past its expiration date and then one night tell yourself its probably still good and make it anyway. Stale powdered cheese will ruin your taste for the stuff for life! Now if only ramen noodles expired...

  3. At the risk of being an enabler...get the Easy Mac single serving cups. :)

    It will give you some portion control and allow you to give into the craving once in a while.

    Nights are hard for me, too and they never were before!

  4. Glad is wasn't as good as you remembered.

  5. How about this for advice.. next time you have that urge.. remind yourself "Been there.. Done That".. and go for something else (healthy)..When I have those late night cravings.. I go for a bowl of cereal (kashi or something that will fill my pouch and hold me over).. just a thought..

  6. I have fallen victim to Mac N Cheese also. As I was eating it, I was thinking how it tasted almost like burnt powder cheese. Ummmm I still ate it. Thanks for sharing your confession so I know I am not alone with these bumps in the road.

  7. What a wonderful learning lesson!!!

    I used to *LOVE* Kraft Mac and Cheese. But for some reason, after surgery, my taste buds changed and now it tastes vile to me...not to mention the fact that I can't eat pasta at all. You're still going through the taste-bud transition, but that's wonderful that you had this experience. Yay!