Friday, July 23, 2010

My First Fill

So I got my first fill yesterday afternoon.  I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be, surprisingly enough! 

My doctor came in and talked to me a little bit about how I've been doing and why I think I need a fill.  He is pretty conservative with his fills and he said that he was a bit hesitant to give me an adjustment because I've been losing weight well and I'm feeling *some* restriction when I eat too fast or take too big of bites.

I explained to him that I am hungry after a meal within two hours and I'm avoiding eating more often because of sheer willpower.  So he decided to do a small fill.

He had me lay on the exam table with a round pillow under the small of my back to pop my tummy up.  I could feel my port better than I ever had before and it was kinda cool/creepy.  He numbed me with a bit of lidocaine (sp?) and that burned for just a second.  He explained that he numbs his patients before a fill simply because he'd hate to not be able to get the port on the first try and have to wiggle the needle around w/o and pain meds.  I was happy with that explanation as I am NOT one for pain, so I just relaxed, realized I wouldn't feel anything.

So he inserts the needle and I can feel a bit of pressure, but zero pain.  It takes him a minute or two to find the port and I can feel him hitting the side of it, which was a weird sensation.  But he finally got it and drew out 4cc which he put in during my surgery (which I didn't know about!).  Since I already had 4cc, he decided to only give me 1cc more to bump me up to 5cc in a 10cc band.  He removed the needle, drank my water, and that was that!  I was on my way out of the office within 15-20 minutes of walking in the door.

I was on liquids from yesterday afternoon until about noon today.  I haven't had any problems with anything so I had a grilled chicken snack wrap from McDonald's this afternoon on the way home from our trip up to the mountains.  I took tiny bites, chewed well, and waiting in between bites.  Everything went down perfectly, no problems.  But if I had eaten it faster or with bigger bites, I can tell I would have gotten stuck.  AND... the little wrap filled me right up!  Its been almost 2 1/2 hours since my meal and I'm good to go!

Tonight I'll have some tuna salad probably and tomorrow I'll give some other foods a shot like my morning cereal or some turkey bacon.

But the ominous first fill is over and done with and it was just like everyone promised... NOTHING to worry about! 


  1. Glad everything went well!

  2. Good to hear it went well! I am having my first fill on Thursday. I don't THINK I had any at the time of surgery. I think it is strange that they don't tell us if we do have a fill or not at surgery.

  3. Yay! So glad it went swimmingly! I get my first fill next week and now I'm curious too if there was any put in at the time of surgery.... I'll definitely be asking about it. :)