Monday, November 8, 2010


Are you picturing a stubborn little girl with fingers shoved in her ears, squeezing her eyes shut tight?

Yeah?  Well, that's me.  I'm that stubborn child screeching, "I can't heeeaaaaarrrr you!".

I realized tonight at dinner that I have been metaphorically saying this very phrase to my band for a couple of weeks now.  I would take a few bites, start to get that "feeling", and then shove my chubby little fingers right in my ears and keep right on eating.

I was punished severely for it.  I have PB'd more times in the last two weeks that I have in the last five months.  And I somehow convinced myself that my band was just being finnicky. 

*face palm*

I started getting into that bad habit of listening to my BRAIN instead of my STOMACH while I'm eating.  I look at what I've eating and my brain says, "Pssst.  Hey!  Yeah, you!  You couldn't possibly be full on that tiny bit of food!  Just wait for the discomfort to pass and take one more bite."  I failed to listen to my stomach that way saying, "Umm... excuse me?  Yes, you up there with the big mouth.  You're kinda stressing me out down here.  I know that chicken tastes good.  But I just can't handle more than a few bites, mkay?"

And we all know which voice was louder.  Damn fat-chick brain. 

I have GOT to get control over my head-hunger before I do some permanent damage to my band.  I am so SICK of feeling uncomfortable during/after a meal.  But guess what?!  I'm the one that causes it!!  If I ate slower, smaller bites, and STOPPED WHEN I FELT FULL, then I'd be a-ok.

Honestly, does the fat-chick in our brains ever go away, or do we just learn to ignore her?  Cuz this chick has over-stayed her welcome.


  1. Great post :)
    It does go away after awhile. There is a loooong adjustment period though.
    In the meantime, try using a dessert or salad plate instead of a dinner plate to trick your mind. It really helped me shut up the fat chick. She's so easily fooled.

  2. Oh, I really hope that fat chick brain goes away. I'm feeling the exact same way. I go with my head instead of my gut and have been paying the price with discomfort. Hang in there!!

  3. again THX!
    it really seems (maybe cause our surgery dates were similar - along with our starting weight - etc. - however you have about 10 pounds on me and i am trying not to be jealous *wink*) we have very similar issues at about the same time.
    i am very worried i have done some damage to my band. i was pbing too frequently for about 2 weeks recently. how can i know if it affected my band. :(
    okay - again and again thank you!

  4. Okay Jenny, you are my new best friend! This was such an aha post for me. I too keep finding myself feeling full or on my way to being stuck or actually stuck and still thinking - I can have one more bite.

    What the hell? We're not stupid, we're just not totally there yet. Okay - I can work with that and I'm confident so can you!!! And, I totally didn't want to get on the treadmill tonight - there were at least 52 million excuses, but then I read your post and... I just did 31 min. It wasn't a really hard work out, but it was 31 minutes I would not have done had I not read your post when I did - so you win my award for the day!! woo hoo!