Monday, November 15, 2010

Adventures in Shopping.

I've been putting aside all of my too-big clothes in a giant bin to take to this amazing consignment store where I have had great luck selling back my clothes and then buying adorable clothes in my current size.  It's been great because I have ZERO money to buy new clothes with, so this has kept me in decent sizes during the past several months. 

So I had a big bag full of a couple pairs of dress slacks, a gorgeous black pea-coat from Lane Bryant, and tons of cute jeans from LB as well.  Even a designer purse that my mom wanted me to take to them.  Really cute stuff in amazing condition.

While I was waiting for them to go through my clothes, I set out to find myself a new pair of jeans.  I only really need one (maybe two) pairs of jeans right now since I mostly wear work clothes.  So I grabbed a bunch of jeans and headed to the dressing room.  Nothing fit.  The 18s were like wrestling two 10-lb. hams into a 5 lb. sack.  No bueno.  The 20's were huge.  I couldn't even KINDA pretend they fit.  WTH?!  What size is between an 18 and a 20?!  I tried on, no joke, 17 pairs of jeans ranging in size from 16 to 22.  Nothing fit.  I don't know what the hell is going on, but I was furious!  I gave up on jeans and went looking for dress slacks.  There was nothing but ugly brown (baby poop brown, as I call it) slacks in my size.  There was an adorable pair of black trousers in a 20, but they were huge on me.  Of course.

By this point I was getting good and pissed.  The girl in the dressing room next to me was about my size before my surgery and she was trying on all these adorable skirts.  I don't wear skirts.  I don't even own one.  But I thought, "Hey!  If she can look cute in them, then so can I!".  I found a few skirts, but most of them looked goofy on me with my big lower-belly.  I'm really starting to loathe my new body.  At least, that part of it that ISN'T SHRINKING AS RAPIDLY AS THE REST OF ME DAMNIT!!!!!  I found one skirt that looked adorable but I don't have a shirt nor shoes to go with it, so I just left it behind and headed to the counter to collect my money.  I assumed they would take most of my clothes (as they have in the past), so I was going to head over to Old Navy after wards and hopefully find myself some jeans.

WRONG.  Those bastards took one pair of jeans and left the rest.  One freakin' pair of jeans!!  No other jeans.  No slacks.  No gorgeous pea-coat.  They gave me $10 for the jeans and that was that.  Sent me on my way, virtually empty-handed.  Well, except for my GIANT BAG OF GIANT CLOTHES!!!  GAH!!

So lemme recap:  Spent an hour trying on dozens of things, none of which fit.  Didn't make any money off of old clothes, therefore unable to go purchase any new (read: used) clothes.  Drove home in baggy jeans and hoodie, pissed off and jonesing for a DQ Blizzard (which I did NOT go get, btw).

Yup, that about sums up my experience tonight.  Its been four hours and I'm still pissed off about it all.  *glare*


  1. Oooh, consignment shops can be so frustrating! I remember a few years ago my mom and I cleaned out our closets and decided to go to a consignment shop. It was also a "designer" shop, so I knew my Walmart or Target stuff wouldn't fly, but we had lots of department store clothes and I'd seen Gap and Old Navy at the shop before so I figured that'd be okay. Oh, and we had to bring everything in on hangers. So we get to the shop, and we both probably take 2 trips each back and forth to the car to bring everything in. BITCHES TOOK NOTHING. We were so angry, we just walked out and left the massive pile of clothes there.

  2. hey I too have a problem being in between sizes what I usually do is buy plus size juniors or plus size petites...they have size 17's and 19's. A good place to get these sizes is JC Penny. Hope this helps :)

  3. That totally sucks! I have been between sizes for a while too. Just keep trying, you will find a brand that fits your body style.

  4. I was recently in your same stuck-between-sizes-deliema. Ooof! It is frustrating - but will quickly pass! Although it is frustrating - your smaller than you were, and that's AHHH-SUM! :) Keep up the great work.

  5. But the good news I get from this is that even with all the frustration - you didn't get the Blizzard! That is key.