Saturday, February 19, 2011

On track...

Just popping in for a quick update on how I'm doing now that I've kicked myself in the ass to make to my goal of 100lbs. lost by June 9th...

I'm back at the gym at least twice a week, hopefully more like 3 times a week from now on.  I've cut out virtually all "junk" food, especially the sweets that are ever-present at work.  And I've upped my water intake.  Just increasing my water has made me feel a lot better overall.

Today I took an Intro to Kettlebells class at my gym.  I've worked with kettlebells before, but only very basic moves for very short periods of time.  I learned SO MUCH in today's class and I got one heckuva workout!  My arms are so sore and my legs feel like jello.  But in a good way, kwim?  I'm going to do a full kettlebell workout once a week which is the perfect combination of cardio and strength.  Full body workout in one fell swoop, here I come!

I haven't lost any weight this week, but thats only because I gained last week and am now back down to where I "started" at 218.  If I lose 1.4(ish) lbs. per week, I will be 100lbs. down by June 9th.

I really think I can do this.  I really want to see a 1 as the first number in my weight.  It's been a looooong time coming.


  1. Great job getting to the gym! I really think it is making a difference in my shape - not so much my scale...but that has to come in time, right? 80 pounds is awesome.

    I too battle the work sweets - it's terrible. This week we had 3 mornings of goodies - I managed to not touch them. A real victory for me!

  2. I wish my gym had a kettlebells class. Very cool.

  3. I want a kettlebell class! That would be so awesome!