Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Can Do Eet!

**sorry for the random Rob Schneider reference.  I can't help but say that phrase like that.**

Yesterday I weighed in at 217 lbs.  My goal is to be under 197.7 by June 9th (my one year bandiversary) making my total weight loss in one year 100 lbs.  I like to know what I'm up against, so I crunched some numbers.

June 9th is 16 weeks away.  I have 19.3 lbs. to lose in those 16 weeks.  If I lose 1.21 lbs. per week, I will reach my goal by June 9th.  That's TOTALLY attainable and I really believe I can do it.

Although I must admit that I'm getting easily frustrated by how not-easy it is to lose weight these days.  If I'm honest, the first 70 lbs. came off easily.  Yes, I ate right.  Yes I exercised (albiet not as much as I should have).  But it still came off easily whether I stuck to the plan 100% or not.

But since Christmas I haven't been able to drop the pounds without REALLY working at it.  If I don't work out at least three times a week, I won't see a loss.  If I "cheat" with sweets and sliders (like I fell back into after the holidays), I will gain a pound or two for a few days before going back down to my "starting" weight.  I know this is normal.  The first six months tend to be the fastest loss and then your body settles into the "new you" and you plateau more often.

But it's frustrating nonetheless. 

So here is my proclaimation for the world to hear (read?)...

I hereby commit to "walking the walk" as a Lap-Band patient.  I will drink my water, eat my protein, and get as much exercise as I can.  I will NOT sit around and hope that the band will do all the work for me.  I will NOT test the band and it's limits, no matter how good it has been to me these past eight months. 

And I will lose 19.3 lbs. in the next 16 weeks or I will die trying.

The End.
Peace Out.


  1. you can so do it! you have a plan, now see it through!

  2. Awesome goal! You can do it, lady!! :)

  3. Your attitude is fabulous and I know you will get there! I've had the same post-Christmas problems too. Sigh, but like you - focus. determination and walking the walk ;) GOOD LUCK!!!

  4. I hate to be jealous, but you've lost 70 lbs! I was banded only a month after you and I've only lost 36. So, it could be worse. :)