Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sisterhood Alert!! 42 Items w/ Photos!!




(those are my alarm noises, in case you were wondering)

I have a TON of clothes that I want gone.  Now.  Yesterday.  Please take them.

Here are the rules...

1.  First-come first-serve.  The first person to comment that they want an item or items, gets dibs.  I have numbered each item to make this process a bit easier.

2.  Please leave your email address in your comment so I can contact you regarding where to ship your item(s).

3.  (and I gave this a lot of thought) Because of financial restraints, I am asking that participants pay shipping for their item(s).  I wish I didn't have to do it this way, but the truth is that I can't afford to ship all of this.  I'm sorry.  It's still great clothes at basically no cost.  So, there ya go.

4.  All clothes are in good or great condition.  Some of the jeans have basic wear like at the bottom hems.  Nothing has stains that I could see.  It's all clothing that I have worn, but kept in good condition.  Some items were barely worn and are perfect.

5.  Play nice and have fun.  I'm thrilled to be able to pass on these clothes to you ladies.  I hope that you return the favor by, in turn, passing them on in the sisterhood once you're done with them.


(((you should be able to click on the pics to enlarge them)))

First up is jeans.  Lovely, comfy jeans. 

Starting at the top-left and going down and then back up to the top-right and down...
  • 1. Venezia sz. 6 Avg. Red Triangle stretch bootcut jeans
  • 2. Venezia sz .22 Avg. stretch flair jeans
  • 3. Venezia sz. 24 Avg. stretch flair jeans
  • 4. Venezia sz. 24 Avg. stretch bootcut jeans  *worn in upper thighs and bottom hems but my fave pair of jeans, by far.
  • 5. Maurices sz. 22 Regular Ciara style stretch bootcut
  • 6. Venezia sz. 22 Avg. stretch flair
  • 7. Venezia sz. 22 Avg. khaki denim flair

Next up is the long-sleeved tops...

Reading like a book from top-left to right...
  • 8. Lane Bryant (LB) 22/24 olive v-neck sweater w/ hood.  Fits a little on the smaller side than most 22/24s
  • 9. LB 22/24 gray/white v-neck sweater w/ red trim and hood.  I'm super sad to see this one go
  • 10. LB 22/24 Plum sweater w/ lattice detail and 3/4 length sleeves
  • 11. LL Bean 2X fuscia fleece v-neck top
  • 12. LB 26/28 sleeveless red sweater cami w/ black beaded cardigan (3/4 sleeves) that ties in front  This is dressy and I only wore it four times.
  • 13. LB 22/24 v-neck black 3/4 sleeves top w/ waist tie accent.

 Next is more long-sleeved tops and some workout stuff...

Starting at the top-left and going down and then back up to the top-right and down...

  • 14. LB 18/20 knit blouse w/ lace and sequin detail on neck, sleeves, bottom hem (3/4 sleeves)
  • 15. Northcrest 22/24 striped knit top
  • 16. Venezia 22/24 v-neck striped knit top
  • 17. Venezia 22/24 pink v-neck knit top (3/4 sleeve)
  • 18. Athletic Works 22/24 polyester gym pants.
  • 19. Danskin NOW 22/24 gray knit gym shorts

And now for the capri pants...

Starting at the top-left and going down and then back up to the top-right and down...
  • 20. Avenue 22 capris w/ cute drawstring legs.
  • 21. Venezia 24 gaucho capris my absolute fave pair
  • 22. Gloria Vanderbilt 22 capris
  • 23. Venezia 24 capris
  • 24. Venezia 22 capris
  • 25. Maurices 24 grown dress capris
  • 26. LB 22 black dress capris w/ embroidered embellishment on bottom right shin.
  • 27. Worthington 22 capri dress slacks
  • 28. LB 24 gray capri dress slacks
  • 29. LB 20 pinstripe brown dress bermuda shorts
  • 30. LB 24 chocolate pinstripe capri dress slacks need inner thigh seam stitched (approx. 2")

And last, but certainly not least... the short-sleeved tops...

Starting at the top-left and going down and then back up to the top-right and down...
  • 31. Venezia 26/28 NY graphic t-shirt
  • 32. Venezia 22/24 black y-neck tee
  • 33. Venezia 26/28 black tee w/ b/w stiped inlay
  • 34. Karen Scott 3X pink striped tee
  • 35. Just My Size 3X 22/24 black tee w/ slight ruffled accent at neckline
  • 36. LB 22/24 aqua blue supima cotton v-neck tee
  • 37. George 22/24 knit short-sleeved black sweater
  • 38. LB 22/24 short-sleeved coral sweater
  • 39. LB 22/24 short sleeved dark teal blue short-sleeved sweater loved this sweater!
  • 40. Venezia 22/24 cream lace blouse (w/ underlay)
  • 41. Apt. 9 2X one piece brown, coral, and cream cami/cardi set.  I have a fantastic coral necklace that I'll throw in as well since it only goes with this top 

And this top needed a photo of its own because its my FAVE and I'm so sad it no longer fits!

  • 42. This is a Lane Bryant 22/24 soft-as-buttah knit blouse in an aqua-teal-blue with gorgeous ruffle around the v-neck and down the front.  I got SO MANY compliments on this top and while I'm thrilled I'm too small to fit into it, I'm a bit sad that I can't wear it anymore cuz I lurve it.  *tinysob*

Ok, whew!  That was a LOT of clothes!!  If you want it then you should'a put a ring on it.  Oh wait.  No, thats Beyonce.  If you want any of these, just leave me a comment with THE NUMBER of the item(s) you want and your email address so I can contact you.  I will try my best to update my post and cross off the items that have been spoken for. 

Also, if you other bloggers would maybe be sweet and post a link to this on your blog to help spread the word, I'd be much obliged.

Thanks lovies!


  1. Hey, i cant use the clothes but I just wanna say how happy I am for u that U no longer fit in them! I know ure gonna miss ure fav blue shirt but now u get to get a whole new wardrobe of favorites!!! Im gonna post ure blog on mine and spread the word :)

  2. WowEEE!!! Amazing! You're an angel for doing this. :) I'll post a link on my blog for you. Do you have a follower widget on your page? I don't see a way for new people to follow you.

  3. I'm posting this for Dawn - she couldn't post.

    For some reason, I cannot post a comment on your blog, so I thought I would email you. I started off at a size 32 and am now a 22 – I have not bought any new clothes as my husband has been laid off. So obviously, it would be great to have clothes that are not too big! I would love to take any of the below that are still available. My email address is dawn.huddleston@jocogov.org


  4. Sorry, ladies. I forgot that I removed my follow widget a while back. Its back up now.

  5. Hello! I found you through Jen. I can't actually use any of these, which sucks because there looks to be some really cute things, but wanted to say hey! And I think it is super cool of you to do this! you are giving away a whole wardrobe!

  6. I'm so glad you are doing this because I am starting to shrink out of my clothes! I am interested in the following items: 4, 17, 18, 24, 34, 36 and 42 if they are still available. My email address is vgdougherty205@yahoo.com


  7. So nice of you to do this. Isn't it a great feeling passing on your clothes to fellow bloggers and being able to wear smaller sizes yourself? Congrats!

  8. ok, the two girls that have asked for items so far have gotten all of what they requested. I've crossed off whats been taken, so if you're interested in whats left, snatch it up quick before I take the rest of these duds to the Goodwill.

  9. Hey!! I would like number 1! My email is janebuzz@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much, I need more pants as I continue on this journey!

  10. 31. Venezia 26/28 NY graphic t-shirt
    32. Venezia 22/24 black y-neck tee
    21. Venezia 24 gaucho capris my absolute fave pair
    23. Venezia 24 capris

    My email is sugarbabe_80@yahoo.com thanks.. If you want to follow my blog feel free. I am inspired by your success with Lap Band :)