Saturday, January 15, 2011

Side-by-side photos

I'm down 75 lbs. so I figured it was time for a side-by-side comparison. I have to run to the grocery store so this is gonna be quick. 

 It feels great seeing these photos side-by-side.  I can't believe how big I was!  I didn't see that puffy face or that round belly when I looked in the mirror seven months ago.  Talk about personal distortion!


  1. Wow, how awesome! You were gorgeous before, but radiant now! And I love that dress!

  2. This made me smile, thank you! You look fantastic. Keep on going!

  3. Hi there! New follower. Wow - you look fantastic :) Well done on your progress and achieving your goals. Must have been great to get rid of some of your bigger clothes. Keep it up - your blog is really motivating!

    Cassie -

  4. Great job! Thanks for posting!