Monday, January 3, 2011

Can someone please explain...

... the sisterhood to me?

I have about eleventyzillion clothes that no longer fit and that I never want to see the likes of again.  I want them GONE and I've heard rumors of a sisterhood where us bandits give away our clothes to bandits in need.  So spill it.  How does it work? 

Do I just take photos and post them on my blog?  Is it first-come-first-serve?  What about shipping?  Who pays it?  Are there any unspoken rules I need to know?

Because, honestly?  I just want these clothes gone.  And they're cute clothes and I know other girls out there can use them during their WL journey.



  1. There are no hard and fast rules. Typically, you post pics to your blog, or just descriptions. I usually just do descriptions, because I'm lazy. :)

    It's up to you on the shipping; I've always shipped at my expense with the expectation that the clothes will be passed on and paid for by the shipper (who'd be the receiver of my clothes, if that makes any sense). Everything I've received except for one special thing I requested was shipped to me at their expense. In turn, I've shipped out literally 100s of lbs of clothes at my expense. Others do it differently, though, so it's totally up to you!

    Congrats on 72 lbs gone!

  2. Amy pretty much covered it. It's usually first come first serve. Whomever responds to your post first 'claiming' a specific item get's it.

    The sisterhood has blessed me in many ways. In fact, I'd be pantsless RIGHT NOW without it. :)