Tuesday, January 4, 2011


... I can no longer eat "real" breakfasts w/o getting stuck.  Holy stomach pain, Batman!

For the past couple of months, I have been doing the smoothie-yogurt-coffee thing for breakfast simply because I'm always in a rush getting the kids out the door for school and myself out the door for work.

This morning I made myself a small breakfast burrito with egg substitute and turkey bacon.  It went down fine.  But about 30-45 minutes later, I was clearly stuck.  Pain, sliming, and more pain.  I PB'd about 15 minutes after I got to work.  It didn't help.  I'm still hurting.  The pain is radiating into my back.  I really want to chug a bunch of water, but obviously I know that won't help. *sob*

Looks like I'm now in the "super-tight-in-the-mornings" club.  Back to smoothies, yogurt, and coffee from now on. 

***Keep an eye out for a sisterhood post.  I'm going to try to get my clothes posted tonight or tomorrow night.  There's going to be TONS of good stuff in sizes 20-26, mostly from LB***


  1. I hear you about breakfast. Greek yogurt is my usual breakfast. I just wish that my restriction would last through the whole day. My dinner I can eat 2 slices pizza and a salad no problem. WTF!? Will definitely be keeping an eye out for the size 20s.

  2. Yeah, I guess I just hadn't realized that I was so tight in the mornings because I always ate super soft foods. But after this morning I FOR SURE know. Ugh. Never again.

  3. Greek yogurt is my go-to breakfast food too. Sorry for the bad PB. That sounds yucky.

  4. I have started making super yummy protein shakes in the morning because I am so tight. I don't really miss solids in the AM and it is convenient for my trip to work. Let me know if you want any recipes!