Monday, December 13, 2010

An Observation re: Portion Size

When I arrived at work this morning, there was a breakfast buffet set up in the teacher's lounge for the December birthdays.  I decided to have a small piece of the egg and sausage casserole for breakfast (all I had beforehand was a cup of coffee).  This was the dialogue that went on in my head standing in front of the casserole...

"Ok, I'll only get a small piece because it will fill me up quickly.  ((cutting small piece with knife))   Yeah, that looks about right.  Wait.  What if its not enough and I'm still hungry?  No, I won't still be hungry.  I had coffee less than an hour ago and this is a dense casserole.  This will be more than enough.  Yeah, but WHAT IF its not enough?!  Maybe I should get just a little bit more.  If I get full, I'll just stop eating and toss the extra.  ((cutting a little more and putting it on my plate))"

Well, guess what happened?  I ate it all.  Even though I was full before I ate my original smaller piece.  But because it was there on my plate I ate the rest and now I feel uncomfortable and stuffed.

I now realize that I will eat food if its in front of me.  Either because I'm bored, not paying attention, or just simply don't want to throw it away.  But if its there, I'll eat it.  Even if I'm full.

From now on, I will get LESS than my stupid brain tells me I need.  If I'm still hungry, I can get my fat ass up and get more.  At the very least, I'll burn a few extra calories walking back to the buffet table.