Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ho-Hum... NOT!!

Tomorrow will be a pretty ho-hum day.  I'll wake up and fix the boys breakfast, probably grab a cuppa joe for myself, and possibly clean the kitchen.  Then I'll take the boys to my mom's house and head to Old Town and... oh that's right...

MEET LYNDA!  *insert happy dance here*

We're band soul mates because we were banded one day apart, on June 8th (her) and June 9th (me).  She's in Ft. Collins for New Years so we're getting together for some serious post-holiday shopping and lunch in our fantastic Old Town.  I can't wait to show her around.  Who knows?  Maybe she'll love NoCo (Northern Colorado) as much as I do and move here!  Or maybe I'll creep her out with my over-exuberance and she'll never set foot in my beloved state again.  Only time will tell.

I'll be sure to post pics of our little adventure so you can all die of jealousy.  :)

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