Monday, September 27, 2010

To Fill or Not to Fill...

... that is the question.

I have an appt. with my surgeon on Thursday afternoon.  Its my monthly (for the first year post-op) check up and I was expecting to need another small fill.  But for the last week I've been thinking that maybe the fill isn't such a good idea.  First of all, I had my first PB incident (and it was a doozy) at this level.  I get stuck quite easily and often if I don't take small bites and chew really well.  Soft breads are totally out where before I could maybe work one down if I took it slow enough.  My portions are getting smaller.  Where I could eat two *very* small breakfast burritos before, I can only eat most of one and thats even hard to do.  I'm rarely hungry unless its been over 4-5 hours since my last meal or snack.  And in the last three or four days, I have become really really tight first thing in the mornings.  Where I could eat a breakfast burrito or a small bowl of cereal, I can now barely choke down a yogurt with grape nuts.

So, I guess my answer is pretty clear.   I'm not going to get a fill.  My doctor is very conservative with his fills, so I'm sure he wouldn't have let me have on anyways.  But it feels good knowing that I'm listening to my body and doing what I feel is best for it.  Besides... there is always next month, right?  Worst-case scenario... I'll lost all my restriction the moment I cancel my appointment and I'll have to tough it out until I can get in for a fill.  Best-case scenario (and I'm going to whisper it so as not to frighten it away) ((( is it possible that I'm at my sweet spot already?)))

So I have one last question...  money is tight and spending $40 to see my doc when I'm not even getting a fill and things are going so well just seems like a huge waste of money.  Did any of you skip any of your monthly appts. that first year?  Is it really a big deal?


  1. My clinic doesn't suggest a visitation schedule and just tells us to make the appts for "just before it's too late"...if you start to feel the restriction waning, make the appt before you're able to eat the horse. The first three visits were recommended time frames but after that, it's personal.

    I think you are right, you probably don't need a fill. If it were me - I wouldn't go in for the appt, either, unless there was something else you wanted to cover (like in my case a cyst that has formed at the incision site). And since I'm "rare", or so they say, I doubt that's the case for you. :)

  2. Jenny--When I left my fill appt today the PA said see you in 8 weeks unless you don't need a fill, then just call and cancel. So unless you are having any issues I wouldn't go.

  3. I definitely wouldn't do a monthly visit. Hope you are at your sweet spot.

  4. Ok, this is good to hear. When our bank account had seen better days, a $40 "chat" with the surgeon wasn't a big deal. But I can't justify that much money when I don't need to see him. I'm feeling great, losing great, everything is going great. So I guess I'm not going to sweat it. No appt. for me this month. P.S. Still tight as can be. Barely choked down a yogurt and grape nuts after work and had a few bites of bruchetta chicken bake before I felt "the feeling" and stopped.

  5. gosh girly... sounds like you do not need a fill :)
    i have had 2 since my surgery in june, but i definitely do not feel like i am ready for another...
    i pb almost every time i eat. it does not matter if i chew well or if it is soft food or if i eat slowly. i pb :(.
    PLUS - i have moved 7+ hours away from my surgeon - sucks cause i had NO IDEA when i had my surgery we would be moving :(
    anyway - we are in podunkville and there is only ONE lap band doc and he only does it on the side or something?!
    i am going back to houston for some dental work in two weeks AND have a fill scheduled AND i want to take advantage of being back with my doc, BUT what if it makes things HORRIBLE...
    gosh sometimes this is hard eh? trying to figure out what exactly is right?!
    okay i will stop blabbing in your comments!!! HA