Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I've been ZUMBA-fied!!

Well, ladies, I did it.  I went to a Zumba class.

Last night my bestie, Liz, and I decided to get together.  Rather than doing what we normally do, which is sit around a coffee shop drinking our weight in latte calories, we decided to go hiking.  Except it started to rain.  So we changed our plans and went to a Zumba class at the local rec center instead!

Ohmyword, it was so FREAKING FUN!!!  There were approximately 30 other people in the class with us, ranging in ages from early 20's to early 70's.  No joke, there were people there of ALL different ages, weights, and fitness levels.  There were even a few women there with those belly-dancing hip scarves with bells on them, a la our pal Gilly!!  The instructor (who we later found out was a sub and WAY harder than the normal instructor chick) was super perky and lots of fun and SO positive!  She really made the class fun.

So the Zumba-ing (or whatever you call it)... was pretty intense.  I am NOT coordinated in any way, shape, or form and I was terribly clumsy during the class.  BUT... I did better than I expected.  I even surprised myself with how well I kept up most of the time!  Liz and I decided that only 25% of the people in the class were doing all the moves the "right" way like the instructor.  The rest of us were just trying to keep up, doing the best we could to not fall on our asses.

It was so much fun!  We giggled and sweated and Zumba'd ourselves into a frenzy for 60 minutes.  When the time was up, I couldn't believe how quickly it had passed!  I knew within the first few minutes of Zumba that I was addicted.  But I wasn't sure if that feeling would stick at the end of the hour.  But it did!  I totally want to go back as soon as possible and do it again!

So, yes my bandster friends, I have been officially Zumba-fied!  Halleluia Glory Be!!  (((insert southern church choir singing here)))


  1. RIGHT??? Congrats on your zumbafication!!!

  2. They have classes here in my small southern town on Mon, Tues and Wed. You have inspired me to give it a whirl next week!

  3. LOL@inserting choir!!

    I knew you would like it and that you didn't have anything to be worried about.


  4. Sounds like a blast!!! I keep eyeing the Zumba class at my kids' dance studio, but I don't know if I can budget another regular class in there, time-wise or money-wise.

    I've heard that the Dance Dance Party Party events are really awesome too, so I might give the next one of those a shot next time it happens. :D