Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Pissed

Nothing much to report.  I'm stuck at 268 lbs. which is 28 lbs lost.  I can't break the 30lb. barrier despite the Zumba and the hiking.  As a result of the plateau and all the bad emotions that come flooding back with this perceived "failure", I have been making some poor food choices the last few days. 

I'm pissed. 

At myself.  At my scale.  At my band.

But mostly at myself.


  1. Poor food choices are so tempting. Over 7 months out and I still have my days where I can't seem to stop the grazing...on all the foods I shouldn't eat with or without a band.

    Challenge yourself to get a handle on it and the scale should move as soon you get back to the rules. Everytime I struggle its because I stopped doing the hard work on the food side.

    But don't beat yourself up about it either. To me the point of the band is about evolving your habits one day at a time. The day you were banded started a new way of life and you aren't going to get it right at every single meal of every single day. But if you look at how you've already evolved from the days leading up to your surgery to now, I am going to bet you have a lot to be proud of!!

  2. Cut your calories just a smidgen. Like, by a hundred. Make sure you're not eating junk. By next weigh-in you should see a drop. But above all else, BE PATIENT. You're doing well, so don't give up...keep your head in the game!!!

  3. I had the same feelings last week!!! I finally quit weighing everyday. I give myself a pep talk about the scale having nothing to do with how I am going to eat/exercise. Weighing everyday would just make me mad, which would lead me to the negative thoughts, which led me to poor foor choices. This too shall pass!